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Tip 3 - Work Out LESS

Did you know that you DON’T have to exercise for hours every day to lose weight effectively? In fact, by working out less you can actually burn more fat.

It was back in the 1980’s when long boring cardio workouts became popular and that advice has seemed to have stuck. You can enter any gym and you’ll find loads of people slugging it out on equipment like the treadmill or doing long drawn out group training classes.

Yet these people NEVER change their body shape and lose the weight they want. It’s also said that these long endurance types of exercising may help INCREASE the aging process by increasing free radical damage. These free radicals scavenge on the body’s tissues and nutrients.

There are much smarter ways to exercise that have been scientifically proven to burn a lot more fat and slow the aging process in about ¼ of the time of the so called “traditional” workouts. I’ll cover more on that in a minute.

Now if you’re a person who doesn’t work out at all, you’ll suffer from what is known as muscle atrophy, which is muscle loss. The downside of this is that you’ll get flabbier and fatter as each year passes. I’m sure this is not what you want, right?

The answer to this is what I call combination training.

I’ve trained thousands of people over the years from elite athletes to everyday mums and dads. Once they used my short and powerful exercise techniques, they were all surprised at how their bodies changed so quickly. They dropped the weight, they were toned, they had far more energy and they looked and felt younger.

I’ve honed my system over the years, so it works on BOTH men and women and of ANY AGE. This exercise system is my MAX-F Training System. This combination of specific exercises done in short succession is ALL YOU NEED!

You DO NOT need to be doing endless hours of cardio, which gets you nowhere. My MAX-F Training System is an amazing workout for BOTH your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system.

You have a life… You don’t need to be working out for hours on end. The MAX-F Training System achieves far greater results in much shorter time.


I’m not going to lie to you: The MAX-F Training System is not for everyone. For example:

  • ✘ If you enjoy spending hours upon hours in the gym working out all day for minimal results, then this is not for you!

  • ✘ If you prefer to sit on the couch and stay stuck in your old habits expecting a miracle change to miraculously happen, have fun with that!

  • ✘ If you’re not prepared to do shorter workouts for faster results, then this is not for you.

  • I’m not going to lie to you… The MAX-F Training System is hard work - Anything that produces an amazing body and age defying results will always require effort.

    Like I said, it’s SHORT, FAST, SAFE and achieves AMAZING RESULTS! Now if you’re looking for the easy way out, then keep doing what your doing... How’s that working for you?

    The MAX-F Training System has STOOD THE TEST OF TIME and achieved amazing results for thousands of people just like you.

    “So, what do you do next?”

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